The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) teamed up for a brand refresh to revitalize its image and bolster its impact in Congress. We shifted ACLI's color palette from dated red, white, and blue branding to a lively teal, tomato red, and vibrant yellow hues, paired with grayscale photography showcasing individuals preparing for life's milestones. Typography adjustments, incorporating Optima Pro and Rollerscript fonts, aimed to add a human touch and highlight essential messages. Initially crafted for a specific campaign, this revamped style found its way across the organization, touching templates, signage, digital assets, and a refreshed website. Simultaneously, we launched the "Secure It" campaign, a joint effort rallying Congress behind the SECURE Act, aiding insurance companies in fortifying funds for the largest generation of retirees. Through targeted ads, our collaborative push resulted in the successful passage of the act by the House of Representatives.
2019  |  Adfero
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