Each year, we aimed to push the envelope for what a year in review could look like for the National Retail Federation (NRF). After synthesizing ideas from a brainstorm I facilitated, many concepts came to light. A "choose your own adventure" was what we ultimately moved forward with. The Roadmap to NRF's 2023 Year in Review (internally called NRFville) is an isometric town that associates buildings with anecdotes from NRF's 2023. Users can navigate around the created town and interact with marked buildings to reveal events from 2023, like the airport representing NRF's foreign affairs work, or the college campus for their efforts in education and certificates. Some anecdotes included a downloadable interactive PDF with an in-depth story, photos, stats, and links to other media. This was promoted via a mailable postcard (inspired by the map) and a minute long video. The experience launched on the app and in the member lounge of retail's biggest event of the year, the BIG Show, attended by over 15,000 corporate retailers.
2023  |  Adfero
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